Colfax County vaccine report: 45 percent reached

New Mexico has highest percentage of vaccine received by Sharon NiedermanCOLFAX — According to Colfax County Emergency Services Manager Tom Vigil, “Forty-five percent of the county is in some stage of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” With Friday clinics at Miners Colfax Medical Center reaching 600-700 people and this week’s completion of round two distribution of the

New NM Data Dashboard shows pandemic pain

by Sharon NiedermanCOLFAX — Ahead of a vote in the State Legislature on a $25 million special appropriation for tourism, the NM Tourism Department has released a “data dashboard” showing county-by-county losses due to COVID-19 on a scale from 1-8.  Colfax County’s current measurement is 6.5. The department’s intention is to educate the public about the